Maine Forest Rangers took us to Clifton last week to show an accidental fire that could have devastated a local treasure here in the Bangor and Downeast area.

The Maine Forest Rangers filmed a video that they shared on their Facebook of an incident at the top of Parks Pond Bluff a section of land that overlooks Parks Pond and well beyond for miles around.

The Eddington Fire Department had responded to a fire close to the overlook at the summit of Parks Pond Bluff that took a crew of 3 firefighters who took the rugged hike with their equipment to put the fire out quickly and safely.

The Maine Forest Service came by to ensure the fire had been put up and to put up signs sharing that no fires were allowed on the area.

In the video below we see the beautiful views of the Parks Pond Bluff area and are told the consequences of being caught by a Ranger with an open fire or campfire on someone else's property, as is this case shared on social media on Friday.

In the video the Maine Forest Service rep states that, "Maine law requires you have an open burning or campfire permit for any open fire that you have.  Additionally, State law requires that you have landowner permission to have a campfire." And if you get caught by a Ranger you could be issued a summons. Furthermore, if your fire causes damage you could be liable for the damage and the suppression costs it took to put out the fire.

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The summit is located at a ten to fifteen minute hike off of Route 9 and is a popular destination in the Bangor area for incredible views and a great hike in the nature of Maine.

For more information about Maine's beautiful hiking trails and how to keep them safe, visit's Bureau of Park and Lands website and the Maine Forest Service website at

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