A heartfelt post was shared to Facebook on Friday from the roots of my own hometown of Winterport. The local pizza shop, Winterport House of Pizza, was where me and my family would get pizza growing up. It took 30 minutes round trip to get to the pizza place and back but it was 'Winterport Soul Food' that I grew up with and loved.

Which makes the compassionate post shared on social media on Friday by this hometown pizzeria extra special to see.

Last Friday, my hometown pizzeria shared on social media the many decades of family connection that it took to keep the Winterport pizza place afloat. Now in it's second generation of family ownership, the Facebook post highlights the extra hard obstacles of running a small business during a pandemic that a small town pizzeria has endured but also what is most important in getting through obstacles: community care and connection. And with that, Winterport House of Pizza announced that every last Friday of each month, the hometown pizzeria will be giving away free family meals to anyone in need.

Here's the post so you can read the whole eloquently written post that fills me with a whole lot of hometown pride for yourself:


So, for anyone in need of a family meal every last Friday of each month, sometimes the hardest date on the monthly calendar for those with food insecurities, you have a place to go to get yourself a hometown pizza made with a whole lotta love and Maine made compassion.

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