The third season of the Maine based program Greenlight Maine is in progress but the NBC affiliate WCSH 6 Portland/ WLBZ 2 Bangor is looking for next season's contestants.

The show that is looking for the best pitch's for the next big business is offering $100,000 to the winning pitch, not to mention plenty of exposure from being on TV in Maine's biggest market.

On the Greenlight Maine website, it instructs those interested to make a video and email the link and a brief synopsis of who you are, what you do, who's involved, etc., to the website.  They are looking for a compelling idea and also interested in how you present.

They do stress that the quality of the video isn't the focus, but, rather, you and your idea!  But do make it clear enough that they can see what's going on.

The deadline for submissions is May 26th with filming happening at the Gracie Theatre on the Husson University campus right here in Bangor from July 16th - July 24th.

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