Well that is a bummer, you've accidentally driven through the newly painted stripes that a State crew a few miles ahead of you just put down on the highway.  Whatever will you do now?

One thing that you definitely don't want to do is get mad and kick the door, which of course would make the situation much worse.  Yes, we know, it's what men do and your wife is expecting you to do it, but it ain't cool, fool.

So, here's what the folks at the Maine Department of Transportation have to offer up and it took a lot of thought to come up with this.

If you catch it right away, then clean the paint off as soon as you can. Using a pressure washer is best.

Bet that you would'nt havefigured that out on your own.  Nope, you'd let it sit there as you drive between Millinocket and Wells, and when you've finally arrived at the ex-wife's house to pick up the kids you'd ask her for a paper towel and some Windex.  You'd scrub and scrub with very little results all the while taken notice of the scratches that you've created, and how they stand out in the sunshine.

So, here's what the hard working folks at the MDOT has to say about paint on your vehicle that has already dried.

Don't scrub it or you'll damage your vehicle's finish.

They also suggest spraying the area with WD-40 and letingt it sit for a couple of hours before washing everything off.  Or, apply petroleum jelly, let it sit 12 hours or so, and then pressure wash it off..

Both suggestions are probably your best bet, besides not driving over the freshly painted stripes in the first place.

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