Kids under the age of 18, in the Bangor/Brewer area, will have an opportunity to get both breakfast and lunch, for free, during the summer months.

The effort to combat food insecurity across the state is something many area agencies and organizations have been working on for several years. According to website, "The Summer Food Service Program was established to ensure low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals during the summer months when school is not in session. Free meals that meet the federal nutritional guidelines are provided to all children 18 years old and younger at approved SFSP sites in areas with significant concentrations of low-income children."

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And this year, thanks to The Good Shepard Food bank, and some other local area businesses, two meals a day will be offered, for pick up, from a number of sites in Bangor and Brewer.

According to the Good Shepard Food Bank Website:

"During the school year, more than 80,000 Maine children participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program to ensure they get the nutrition that they need to thrive in school. Less than 25% of those children receive meals during the summer months, largely due to the lack of school meal programs. "

The Bangor School Department's Facebook page put out a list of when and where kids can get this free food.

Facebook, Bangor School Department, Summer Meal Program
Facebook, Bangor School Department, Summer Meal Program

At most of the sites, breakfast can be picked up between 9 and 9:30AM, and lunch between 11:30AM to 1PM, depending on the spot.


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