I knew something wasn't right immediately when I got a message on Facebook with my stepmother's profile picture and her name, spelled slightly differently. It was also coming from Instagram on a brand new account with no friends or followers.

I had the option of not accepting the message, but I can't resist. I love messing with scammers and telemarketers calling about your car warranty and I wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

Here is the entire conversation I had with my fake stepmother with commentary inserted. Fake stepmom is "C" and I am "J." Watch and see the lengths they go to to try to convince me that they are actually my stepmother.

C: Hi

J: Oh hi! How are you?

C: Am fine and you

J: Fantastic

C: Okay

J: Okay

2 minutes later and I want to make sure I don't lose this person so I ask the obvious question:

J: Since when did you get an Instagram account?

C: My old Instagram account has been hacked

C: I just opened another one

J: Oh okay. Hey....what's my brother's name?

3 minutes later and it's clear they are scouring my Facebook page info trying to find my brother's name which is not listed in my profile.

C: Which one are you asking of?

I only have one brother.

J: My brother

2 go by and they must be digging deeper on my profile. 

C: Do you mean Doug?

Yep. The looked through my friends and found one named Doug Parsons. No relation.

J: I mean my brother.

3 minutes later and they haven't found an answer.

C: Which of your brother are you asking for? Because am lost

J: My brother

That response must totally confuse them because 5 minutes pass. I thought they might have given up, but no. At this point, it seems like someone else has taken over.

C: Jeff how are you?

J: We already covered that. What's my brother's name?

C: Nick Finn?

I'm friends with a Nick Finn Parsons, also no relation.

J: No, my brother.

C:  don't know

J: Yes you do! Come on. What's his name?

Now, since they've gotten nowhere, they get to the root of their plan.

C: I really need money for my internet now. And I don't really have cash now

J: I'll give you all the money you need for your internet. Just tell me what my brother's name is.

They sense they are close to a jackpot, so they have to try and convince me that they are really my stepmother.

C: Jeff it's me

C: I know you are gonna be thinking is scam

C: But am not 😅

J: I know it’s you. Just tell me what my brother's name is.

C: Why are you asking this?

J: Okay. Too hard a question. That's fair.

J: Here's an easier one. Ready?

C: Loo

C: Lol

J: Where did I camp as a kid. That you'll remember. I'm sure.

And it's over, although if they dug into my Facebook page deeper they could have found the answer to that last one too, but still wouldn't have convinced me that they were actually my stepmother.

Always be suspicious online of anyone who sends you a message or email that appears to be someone you know. If you have doubts, call them and ask if it's really them before you give out any personal information.

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