Get to the point, dude!

Being a big Boston sports fan, I find myself listening to the sports radio hosts from that city quite a bit, especially Toucher & Rich, and Felger & Mazz, on 985 The Sports Hub, so I got a kick out of this Reddit video from yesterday.

Since this particular show is aired on NBC Sports Boston every weekday, Mainers can call in, because the show airs on live television. On Monday, a guy named Lucas clearly irritated the host of the program.

As someone who is also in the radio biz, I laughed out loud at the fact that it took Lucas a full 21 seconds to get to his point, which was all the guys on-air needed to bust his chops. The caller claimed that Covid has really slowed him down, which gave Mike Felger the opportunity to take a shot at not only him, but the state of Maine too.

Check out the video, and these funny comments on it, as well!


Wow Lucas, way to drag our state down.


Yes, it's important to talk as fast as possible when doing something as critical as checks notes talking about a sports team on a local TV show.

Just like it's important to drive 400 miles per hour and not waste a second flicking on your turn signal in order to get to the steakhouse 43 seconds earlier.

Thank you, wise massholes, for always teaching us about what's truly important.


I thought it was pretty funny. It’s a telecasted radio show, and I’ve never called into a radio show before, but I know you’re supposed to get to the point, they don’t care to hear about pleasantries (“hey how are you guys doing today?”). You could tell this was agonizing for these guys 😂


Dude, for over forty years I've occasionally called into a sports show and rambled just like this. It's fun, and this dude did it intentionally. I recognize the others when they're trolling.

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