Many years ago, when I was a reporter for WABI TV 5, there was a super-sweet photographer named Suzanne whose talent behind the camera was matched with just the most enjoyable personality with which to work. Suz and I became great friends, and I count her as one of my favorite people on the planet. She's kind, considerate and always goes the extra mile to help people. She ended up moving down to Portland, and now works for a local news station there. And she recently shared this great story of how she's passing along those traits of kindness and determination to her daughter, Lennon.

Back at the beginning of February, Suz took to social media to try to find the owner of a ring Lennon had found in a chair her playroom. As the story goes, Suz's mother-in-law, Lorraine, had been given the chair from a friend who had purchased a furnished house in Holden. Lorraine brought the chair to Southern Maine, and gave it to Suz, who put it in Lennon's playroom. As most small kids will do, Lennon saw the comfy chair as a fabulous opportunity to try out her jumping skills, and went to town. At one point during an acrobatic adventure, little Lennon noticed a clanking sound, and decided to investigate. She went about digging between the cushions of the chair and found a men's wedding band. So Suz put the word out on Facebook, asking if any friends or visitors had recently relinquished (unknowingly) their wedding ring?!

Although the query came up empty, the family didn't stop there.They knew this ring probably meant a lot to someone, and wanted to make sure it made its way home.

And thanks to their diligence, the ring, which had survived a trip from Holden to southern Maine on the back of a trailer nestled nicely in between the chair cushions,  was returned to its rightful owner! And little Lennon, aside from learning a life lesson, also received a reward!

Lennon Guiggey Via Suzanne Guiggey Facebook
Lennon Guiggey Via Suzanne Guiggey Facebook

A short while ago, Suz shared this post about the ring to her Facebook page:

We were given the chair from Lorraine Guiggey, she was given it from a friend. It wasn’t Lorraine’s, it wasn’t her friends . It wasn’t anyone that had visited us. Lorraine’s friend had bought her house furnished. She contacted the realtor they went through buying the house that contacted the previous owners. EUREKA! The gentleman had lost his wedding ring a long time ago and that’s what Lennon found while jumping on her playroom chair. We returned him his ring and they sent Lennon a reward for finding it. She’s very excited to pick out a new toy at target today.

There you have it. A happy ending and a little bit of sunshine on a dreary Tuesday afternoon.

Good job, Suz. And good job and jumping, Lennon!

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