Now's the time to share artistic skills and inspire the world with a doodle about kindness with this year's 2020 Doodle for Google contest.

The contest is geared towards school aged children.

This year's theme is "I show kindness by..."

I did one that's based on listening.  I listen and that shows kindness.

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Townsquare Media

Here's how you can submit your doodle.

First you need to print out and fill out the entry/doodle form.  To be accepted, the contest includes giving school information, a title of the doodle as well as a description of the doodle.  Lastly, make sure there's a guardian signature to give permission to share the child's drawing.

Next, add your doodle.  You can draw on the paper you printed off directly or you can draw on another piece of paper that will get taped or glued to your application.

It's also an option to take a high resolution picture of the artwork, print that then attach it to the application.  Make sure the doodle doesn't go outside the specified outline space that's on the application.

Lastly, submit your form with your inspirational piece of artwork.

You have until this Friday, March 13th at 9 PM to submit your doodle, which you can do online or send by mail.

For more information and to get to the entry form, go to

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