Don't say they didn't warn you.

A local corner store issued a list of "Four Things" to be prepared for as the summer months quickly approach.

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According to the Levant Corner Store's recent Facebook post, which is definitely a bit tongue-in-cheek, they'd ask people to keep complaints about the heat to themselves, to be warned that mega-shake season is upon us, and to apply within if someone is looking for a gig as the store happens to be hiring.

But the "thing" that got our attention was this:  Along with a shirt, shoes, and a good attitude, management is putting it out there that they'd rather not accept cash from patrons trying to pay for goods with sweaty cash from nooks and crannies on their bodies.

"We reserve the right to refuse sweaty money. Please read as: If we see you pull money or your card out of your bra, socks, or other hidden pockets that leave us feeling...questionable and reaching for gloves, we will simply smile and refuse service. Please prepare your visit accordingly."

Man with worn out socks having coffee in kitchen

As someone who has dealt with money from questionable places before, (I was one of the original employees of Spotlight Cinemas back in the day, and you should have seen the places some of the students from the University would dive deep into to pay for a movie ticket...still grosses me out!) I can tell you, especially when you have to take gross, damp dollars and then turn around and run straight to the sink to wash up after, it's not only time-consuming, but it really is disgusting.

I get that sometimes that's all you've got. But that's why the store went the extra mile, and put up a sign, warning people in advance that they weren't keen on "boob or sock money".

What I find funny is the people in the comment section defending this practice, going so far as to say it's right that all legal tender must be accepted and that they would report the store for setting a standard of decency for their employees--because that's really what it is. While that might be true, shouldn't we aim to be better because we can, not worse because we can?

Is it so hard for all of us to attempt to show a little respect, and maybe not shove money that we've sweated all over into someone else's hand?

Also, you always have the choice to go somewhere else.

The General Stores Of Downeast Maine

These are the long-time general stores that are spread throughout downeast Maine. The stores that your grandparents picked up milk, beer, and that night's dinner at. For years they had been filled with things like fly paper, clothes, beef jerky, and that morning's newspaper. Now, you stop by for that slice of breakfast pizza, a tasty fried chicken sandwich for lunch, gas,and a handful of lottery tickets.

They're an important part of Maine's heritage, and their numbers are starting to dwindle. But we still frequent them to pick up the day's necessities and to keep up on town gossip.

They may not be owned by the original owners, and they may not look the same as they did years and years ago. But that same hometown feeling is there, the minute you set foot on their wooden floors. More than likely the same wooden floors that your grandparents set foot on.

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