A fight broke out between teenagers at a trampoline park in Lewiston Saturday that escalated to the point where staff had to call police.

Video captured of the incident that happened Saturday night at FunZ Trampoline Park in the Lewiston Mall during a teen night, shows two teens jumping on counters and over into the staff only area as punches are thrown. Staff tried to break up the fight without success, including the manager who is pregnant and was unharmed. Realizing the situation was getting out of hand, she quickly called police.

According to a post on the FunZ Trampoline Park Facebook page, the fight started outside and came into the building. The park has been working with the Lewiston Police Department and those that have seen the video to identify those involved and to take steps to make sure something like this never happens again. For now, FunZ will not be holding glow night & teen nights.

This is an unfortunate incident for a business in Lewiston that has provided kids in the Lewiston/Auburn area a unique place to have fun. I've been there myself with my son for a birthday party, and can say the staff do an excellent job and will no doubt make sure something like this never happens again.

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