If the recent story about Beaver, the Alaskan Sled Dog who got loose in Bangor and was on the run for 3 weeks, captivated the imagination of you or your little ones, there are two "virtual" events taking place this week that will provide you with a way to learn more about these amazing animals!

According to the Facebook Page, Find Beaver, which was set up as a way to let folks who had seen Beaver, report her location (and as a way for people who were interested in her safety to keep tabs on her) there will be a special Zoom meeting this Tuesday at 7PM.

Denise Lawson, the woman who came all the way from Virginia with Beaver's old pack-mates to help rescue her, will be providing people with an opportunity to meet our favorite Canine Celebrity!

"Denise has graciously offered to host a Zoom Meeting in which we will get to virtually meet Beaver and Denise as well as have the opportunity to learn about Sled Dogs. Here is the link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75947871814...The Meeting ID is: 759 4787 1814 The password is: 4RTYX5"

But that's not all. The next day, there will be an chance for kiddos to dive deeper into the life of Alaskan Sled Dogs.

According to the Facebook Event Page, Alaska Explorers K-6th: Iditarod Dog Sled Adventure, this Wednesday, March 24th, there will be a "virtual" opportunity for students to hear first hand all about the dogs, the Iditarod and how the two mix!

"During this weekly, interactive virtual series for at-home learners, your child will uncover the wonders of Alaska’s natural world. This week join Science Center staff as you go on a virtual dog sledding adventure! Learn about the hardships and adventures mushers face out on the trail and the benefits of traveling this way in remote areas. Then, create your own Iditarod Trail story."

The event is free and open to students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

To register for the online event (keep in mind, it will be taking place on Alaskan time) you can sign up through the Bureau of Land Management's site, here. 

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