When the pandemic took over, Byron an 8-year-old from Windham, decided to do something to help.


Byron is a very kind young man. At the beginning of the pandemic, with the uncertainty, panic and lives turning upside down, he wanted to show those who were facing this head on that they are appreciated and valued. Something that they thought would be small scale, quickly took off and by the end of 2020 Bloom Bombs was a hit!

They had made and distributed 1500 Bloom Bombs! He was a local hero.

Stacy Davis

But what are Bloom Bombs? They are made of shredded and then blended construction paper. Then flower seeds are added to this mixture and hand pressed into molds. After they dry, they are packaged with little sayings to spread the love! You plant them, and flowers come up! They've even been out of state to let front line workers outside of Maine know they are also appreciated. They even have almost 600 followers on Byron's Bloom Bombs facebook page!

Stacy Davis

The family says that it has been fun and humbling. They took the winter months off (hard to plant in the winter!) Plus, there was hybrid schooling and that whole life thing. But they hope to make 2021 even bigger and better than 2020. They continue to recognize front line workers, but also small businesses and hometown heroes who have really stepped up during this challenging time.

Thank you Byron (who is now 9) for being the good that has come out of this bad...

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