Death on a genre series is increasingly difficult to accept these days, something The Walking Dead learned the hard way in Season 6 when fans easily deduced Glenn’s survival from an apparently-grisly demise. That super fan-sleuthing again reared its head with the Season 6 finale, but series star Lauren Cohan says viewers may be wasting their time picking apart the audio of Negan’s now-famous kill.

As showrunners and stars have repeatedly stated, The Walking Dead has yet to actually film the climactic death sequence teased in the final shot of Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth,” only recruiting Jeffrey Dean Morgan to swing “Lucille” at the camera, rather than a specific character. That said, fans have eagerly picked apart the muffled screams audible as Negan bludgeons his victim, some pointing toward Lauren Cohan screaming, or what could be Glenn’s final words, but is it that simple?

Most definitely not, according to Cohan herself, who pointed out to the Huffington Post that because no actual actors beyond Morgan were present for the scene, the screams were all recorded later in post. Moreover, each actor recorded their cries individually, meaning no one was directed to scream or react to anything specific:

Here’s a good piece of intel. We shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don’t know. Nobody knows what anybody else said.

Cohan’s screams are indeed likely among the cacophony, but even if Steven Yeun was made to speak Maggie’s name, no actor had been told of the victim’s identity at the time of recording. “Maggie” might simply be a red herring (made to fit any of several scenarios), even if one isolates the audio enough to confirm its presence.

The Walking Dead will still have a rough go of concealing the victim’s identity before Season 7, between frequent on-set leaks and the difficulty of cutting a trailer around it, but we still have plenty more to look forward to this fall. In the meantime, don’t go all Charlie Kelly on us looking for clues, and stay tuned for the latest Walking Dead.

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