Just based on the name alone, I would go to this restaurant guys.

Located at 8 Silver Street in Waterville, The Last Unicorn has officially reopened, and Mama wants a reservation.

This restaurant was closed to do some upgrading and work with new chefs. They are now new and improved and pulling me into their eccentric style and an incredible vibe.

Waterville just got even cooler, and I didn't think that could happen!

They announced this February 2 on their Facebook page with the following post,

The Last Unicorn is now open! Serving lunch Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 3 pm. Dinner service from 4pm to 9 pm. No reservations at this time, just come on in and enjoy!

The Last Unicorn 

Not only is their name amazing, but I was able to get a sneak peek at their menu, and holy hello, it looks good. For example, check out this little puppy called the "Buff-Chick." Again, congrats on the name,

Buff-Chick is $18, and it consists of Nashville hot chicken sausage, pickles, blue cheese and romaine. Okay, sign me up. Anything that has pickles and chicken is a party in my mouth.

Check out their entire menu on their Facebook page or head on over to Silver Street to consume delicious food and transform into a unicorn, because this place, is magical!

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