They say it can't be done...

I'm pretty much on board with the idea that this is impossible. We've all been there... You get some sweet new meat treat from the deli at Hannaford, and want to devour it immediately. Only to try and open that infernal little sticker, and end up shredding the whole bag to bits. More often than not, I remove it from said bag, and put it in a different one.

Every now and then, you see a true earthly hero emerge that sets a new bar for what's possible in the universe.

I even remember that Hannaford even "addressed" the issue at one point and said they were putting new stickers on their deli bags to reduce the amount of ruining. the old ones were a solid sticker that just wrecked the back when you tried to peel it off. Later, they added the perforated stickers that we see on the bags these days. But honestly, those one are almost as bad for most folks.

People post about it all the time on Reddit.

It's almost a bit of constant comedy on Reddit that people post, concerning their inability to get the "new" stickers, which have been a couple years now, to tear off neatly. I've seen tons of photos from people who yell at the top of their lungs in ALL CAPS!!!! They shake their fists at the sky and curse the dumb little bags and stickers.

But every now and then, you see a true earthly hero emerge that sets a new bar for what's possible in the universe. Someone that shows you that what you once thought was the stuff that only dreams were made of, is actually attainable. Or, this video is pure trickery from beginning to end. Hard to say. I don't really believe in much anymore.

Amazing, right?! But you just saw for yourself, it seems like someone can do it. Am I inspired enough to go buy some deli meat and try it myself today? Probably not. But at some point, my test will come at some point. But I need to be in the right headspace, or I'll chuck that fresh meat right out the window. Hey... I know my triggers.

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