Familiar Experiences

Sure, going out and getting a buzz can be a good time but much of that experience is simply about the social aspect and just being able to get a cold drink.

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While cafes are an option, they just don't match the vibes of a brewery or the atmosphere of a bar. Not to mentino daytime vs. night life hours.

Beyond that, there are plenty of valid reasons to not want an alcoholic drink. Working on sobriety, not wanting a hangover, just wanting the taste of beer without the effects, and simply not wanting to deal with those "why aren't you drinking" questions.

New Venture

Opening at 52 Alder Street in Portland is KITna Brewing. Maine's first brewery dedicated to making non-alcoholic beer reports the Portland Press Herald.

In the United States, beer is considered non-alcoholic if it has 0.5% alcohol by volume or less.

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When to Get Yours

Portland Press Herald reports that Will Fisher, co-founder and head of operations at Austin Street Brewery is one of the masterminds behind KitNA, and states that they regularly get calls asking about non-alcoholic options.

KitNA brews will likely be available at Austin Street as well as other local breweries, shops, restaurants, bars, and shipping later this year.

Bangor Daily News reports that their flagship brew will be an American Blond Ale and should go on sale by Thanksgiving.

Fans will be able to sit and enjoy a drink at KITna in their tasting room that will likely open by early 2022 according to Portland Press Herald.

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