A couple dabbling in making their beer will now enter the crowded field of small-batch breweries in Maine.

According to Mainebiz, Rusty Bus Brewing Co. won a competition called, JumpstartME that tries to attract new businesses to Lewiston’s Downtown Business District. Peter and Nichole Ouellette own Rusty Bus and are very excited. One of the biggest donations to the prize package is free rent for a year at 120 Lisbon Street! Donated by the newly elected Mayor Carl Sheline!

Rusty Bus Brewing via Carl Sheline Facebook
Rusty Bus Brewing via Carl Sheline Facebook

The Mayor was happy to help and is excited about Rusty Bus telling Mainebiz,

Rusty Bus Brewing Co. will be a huge asset adding to the quality of life and to our business center’s vitality.


It's a great prize package that also has accounting services from Austin Associates PA, legal services from Skelton Taintor & Abbott, architectural assistance from Platz Associates, advertising from WGME/WPFO, web development from Dojo Digital, signage facilitation from Marquis Signs, branding/marketing development, and membership in the Downtown Lewiston Association, LA Metro Chamber of Commerce, & Androscoggin Network Builders.

How did Rusty Bus win?

With the KISS formula - Keep It Simple Stupid. They had to have a plan to deal with the labor shortage and the materials shortages in the construction industry. It's a pretty simple concept to run with just a couple of staffers for the brewery, and the build-out will be pretty easy too!

Who are the Ouellettes?

Peter and Nichole Ouellette/Facebook
Peter and Nichole Ouellette/Facebook

Peter grew up in Lewiston and has lived in the area most of his life. For the past 10 years, he's managed Hudson Bus Lines in Lewiston, that's the company for the Lewiston public schools. Nichole moved to the Portland area when she was a kid and has been teaching at Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston for the past seven years.

What beer will Rusty Bus Brewing be famous for?

For just getting interested in home brewing five years ago, the Ouellettes have 10 recipes including an India pale ale made with mango! They think this is the beer that will always be on tap.

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When will Rusty Bus open?

Great question. As with any business, there are SO many things to do. But Peter and Nichole are ready! They've actually been ready for this, but a pesky little pandemic slowed things down. They have a logo and are working on marketing. They hope to open by April 2022 with around six to eight varieties on tap all the time. Since they both have day jobs, they aren't quitting any time soon - until they can!



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