Social media is a way for us to connect with each other in instant and perhaps more intimate ways.  You know, from your own experience, that social media platforms can be inappropriate for kids, whether it be the content that they can be exposed to, the responsibility of conversations and that anyone in the world can talk to your child.

Social media is trying to catch-up with this new generation as seen by Facebook releasing their Kids Messenger app.

Maine Discovery Museum and EMMC Pediatric Primary Care have partnered up to bring you an educational workshop that helps you understand what's needed for a child in this digital age.  What's appropriate for a teen is different than what is appropriate for a toddler and the session will offer guidance for screen time for kids of all ages: toddlers, school-age and teen.

The educational session, called "Age appropriate Guidance on Social Media Use", will take place at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor on Saturday, February 10th starting at 11 AM.


Pediatrician Michael Ross, MD, of EMMC Pediatric Primary Care, will be leading the session.

While parents and guardians attend the workshop your children will be supervised while enjoying the museum.  The cost of the session is free with admission to the museum.

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