Baseball is back...Let’s Go, Red Sox!

Major League Baseball is finally back! For a while, it looked like the season might not happen at all, but it is once again time to play ball.

The Boston Red Sox were supposed to kick off their 2022 campaign yesterday against the evil New York Yankees, but heavy rain put a stop to that, but today is the big day, and the most important thing is that a new season is here.

It is always so fun to get out of Bangor for a day and hit Beantown for a game or concert. I have been lucky enough to sit up in the Green Monster seats, near Pesky Pole, and at the Sam Adams Roof Deck at Fenway. And I have sat courtside at the Garden, and also in a VIP Suite, so of course, I was able to snap some pretty cool pics during my many visits to both places over the years. If you have never been to either, it is something that you 100% must put it on your bucket list. It is an amazing experience.

The Sox will have their home opener at Fenway, on Friday, April 15th, at 2:10 pm. You can get your tickets here.

From Bangor To Fenway Park

Always fun to get out of Bangor and head to Fenway Park and TD Garden

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