It's delcious and different type of pizza party in Ellsworth!

One of the great go to snacks is an english muffin pizza, because I don't always want a big, greasy, bread filled pie, so putting your basic pizza indgredients on a muffin is a really delicious way to combine two satisfying treats. With that in mind, Downtown Ellsworth Maine, has come up with a fun way to try several different types.

Next Wenesday night, March 10th at 6:30, the fantastic and highly reccomended, Provedner Kitchen & Bar, located at 110 Main Street, is hosting a very cool event, in conjunction with The Chefs Of Maine. And best of all, I will be a guest judge, along with Todd Simcox from WABI-TV 5! We finally get to take our years in the making "Bro Road Trip" We originally talked about this on the Z Morning Show a few weeks ago, and it got the attention of the owner of Provender, and they were kind enough to invite us to the party.

The First-Ever Chefs Of Maine Event is the first of hopefully many to come. They will gather 5 Chefs from Hancock County, Maine to compete in making their best English Muffin Pizza and they need the public’s help to judge and choose their favorite English Muffin Pizza.

They will be cranking up some 90's style "Back In The Day Cafe" retro hits, great beers, and of course, english muffin pizzas by 5 local chefs! Vote on your favorite pizza at the end of the night to help choose the winner!

The cost is just $10 per plate, and incluides 5 english muffin pizzas. If you would like beer, wine, or mixed drinks, there is an extra charge. Due to social distancing measures, the seating is limited, and they do suggest that you arrive early. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Ellsworth's Loaves & Fishes-Food Pantry

Come say hello to T-Bone & The Kid in Ellsworth, next Wednesday night!

If you can't make it, or aren't ready to head out to public events just yet, we found a couple of easy "how to" english muffin pizza recipes to spice things up around dinner time.

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