Maine foodies can "unite at night' for brunch!

One of my favorite things growing up, was when my mom would make breakfast for dinner. There was just something about eating french toast, eggs, and bacon at night, that was really exciting to me and my sister. Now, an Ellsworth restaurant is brining that feeling back, but on a whole other level.

Provender Kitchen + Bar, is one of the best dining experiences, not only in the downeast area, but across the entire State of Maine. With just one look at their Facebook page will give you a mouth watering sample of the incredible dishes they whip up on a daily basis.

On Monday, February 26th, they are hosting a special "Brunch Night" event.

Check out this tasty menu:

Express Martini Coco Puffs-"No milk, add martini"

Hong Kong Style French Toast-Strawberry, peanut butter, stuffed brioche, golden syrup

Biscuits & Gravy-Black pepper gravy, fried egg, fried chicken

Bacon Egg & Cheese-Maple glaze pork belly, American cheese, egg, smashed croissant

Terrific Tacos-Lobster, tater tots, chihuahua cheese, chimichurri

Loaded Hash Browns-Crumbled bacon, cheddar, creme friache, scallion

Chronic Bacon-Maple cider glazed bacon, cornflake, crusted french toast bites

Cluck Yeah!-24-hour brined chicken, spicy house made pickles, kewpie mayo

And also that night, they will feature a variety of themed cocktails to help wash down all that yummy food!

Provender Kitchen + Bar, is located at 112 Main Street, in Ellsworth. You can visit their website to find out more information about "Brunch Night"

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