Get ready Newport, some delicious food is coming your way!

For those of us here in the Bangor, Kobe is one of the best restaurants around, serving up tasty Japanese hibachi style delicacies, then just about a year ago, Crazy Sumo opened in Ellsworth, occupying the old Denny's, at 75 High Street.

Lalu Dedi Sutano, was one of the co-owners of Crazy Sumo, and now he is planning to open up shop at 6 Main Street in Palmyra, by the end of this month. The building at 6 Main Street was formerly home to Scotty's and Pando in the past.

The Newport area has been buzzing with activity ever since the Somerset Pour House opened up a few months back, with live music, food & drinks, at 416 Oxbow Road.

"Crazy Sumo 2" will be a true hibachi restaurant, that will have an impressive 7 grills, and a sushi bar.

If you have never been to a Japanese hibachi restaurant, you are in for a real treat. Some of the most popular items include steak, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. These items are cooked on the hibachi grill, and they are typically served with rice and noodles. Hibachi, a word used to describe Japanese grilling, is most commonly known as an outdoor cooking method. Either way, it is a culinary experience that everyone should try.

The plan is to have Crazy Sumo 2 open at the end of January, and they will be open from 11am-9:30 pm, Monday through Friday, then and from 11am-10 pm, on Saturday & Sunday.

They have an Instagram page, but so far have only posted once.

Stay tuned for menu and website info in the coming days!

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