He's been flying under the radar a bit, since his accident at the beginning of September, but Kevin Hart just put out a video on his Instagram account, sharing the story of his path to recovery, and his new perspective on life.

Hart starts the video with some news clips about the accident. Then he moves on to how the accident has forced him to reevaluate his priorities. You see some of Hart's scars, along with images of him working with doctors and physical therapists, as he strives to recover from his injuries.

According to a recent Entertainment Weekly article about Hart, while he participating in intense daily physical therapy sessions and is able to walk on his own, he still "sitting throughout most of the day."

The doctor in Hart's video mentions that the entire healing process could take up to a year, to which Hart replies that he's not in a hurry to rush the process along.

Watch the entire emotional video below:

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