Seriously....who comes up with this crap? No, I am not likely to text my ex. Granted, it's mostly because I've been with my wife for the better part of 20 years, and it's been a long time since I had an ex. But also because I really doubt any of those ladies really wanna speak to me. But, it is indeed National Text Your Ex Day.

Was I a perfect boyfriend? Ha, nooooooo way. Was I a jerk? Probably. On the other hand, I only really had two relationships that were all-terrain crazy. And even then, I'm on speaking terms with both of them. But do I want to reach out to them? Nope. I bet they're doing just as fine without me as I am them. All set.

Are you friends with your exes? How many of them would you care about keeping in touch with long-term? I'm not knocking any of my exes for anything. We were very young, and young people often say and do immature things (really?!). And I wish them nothing but the best in life at all times.

But yeah, I think my texts today will go to my wife and friends. Perhaps even a business associate or co-worker. But I'm gonna go ahead an skip the others. I advise the same. Texting your ex can only go a few different ways, and usually none of them are great.

You'll either A) argue, B) get back together, or C) end up feeling otherwise bad about yourself in one form or other. Really, take the advice an old friend gave me once..... Are you feeling scared, lonely, and depressed? Because she's not! So move on, bub.....

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