Some local high school kids got creative this week, and were not about to let social distancing, nor COVID-19, rob them of the opportunity to hold their yearly talent show. So, armed with technology and the wit of one of their Sophomore students, The 2020 John Bapst Talent Show took place...virtually!

According to John Bapst's website, almost 20 students took part, recording their performances from home, and then sent them in to a teacher, who took the videos and created the finished product. Sophomore Liam Ravan hosted in between the videos, which featured some musical performances, some dance performances and even a student performing tricks with her dog (a personal favorite of mine!)

"We have to remain physically separate, but John Bapst is very much together. The show must go on! #JohnBapstTogether" wrote Eric Zelz, John Bapst's publications editor, on the website.

This Virtual Talent Show is just another example of innovation, teamwork and the resiliency of the human spirit. Well done, guys!

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