Jennifer Lopez lit up the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards stage with a fiery new jam.

On Thursday night (April 26), the 48-year-old gave a live production to premiere her track "En Anillo," a sweet and saucy single that teases an engagement proposal in the classy yet sassy manner of Beyonce's iconic 2008 offering "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." (In other words: Ahem, we're looking at you, Alex Rodriguez!)

J.Lo opens her stage act looking like Bohemian royalty in her elegant outfit as she arises from a fuchsia floral display, then dives straight into some vivacious choreography with her string of gilded dancers.

2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards - Show
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"Me tratas como una princesa y me das lo que pido / Tu tienes el bate y la fuerza que yo necesito," Lopez chants the lyrics during her showcases — which translates to "You treat me like a princess and give me what I ask / You have the bat and the strength I need" — before she's joined by an even larger crowd of performers and hoop dancers for an even more complex, choreographed production.

"I think it's what most women want to say. You know, like, yo, what’s up, we’re good, what are we doing?" Lopez described the song in a Beats 1 interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music. "You know it's like it's one of those things you know like give me a place in your life. You know I'm not some regular chick. You know I'm just not anybody - respect me … That's what the concept of it was. It’s like fight for me, and then you can ask me to marry you. And then OK where's my ring?"

"El Anillo," which the singer revealed was, in fact, about her relationship with Rodriguez, will appear on the artist's second Spanish album, Por Primera Vez, which is planned to release later this year.

Watch J.Lo's live performance below.

2018 Latin Billboard Awards

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