The greatest state in the nation is being hailed as, wait for it, one of the best states in the nation. Imagine that.

Maine is receiving the love from the very popular lifestyle site Dad Answers All. The site recently published an article that detailed the 13 best states to live in, and surprise surprise, Maine made the cut.

Of course, Maine is one of the best. Seriously, where else would you rather live? Maine has a little bit of everything that defines a perfect place to live.

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First off, the state is beautiful. Whether it's the Wetsern foothills, fabulous parks, Downeast, or the vast and amazing coastline, Maine absolutely shines with its diverse and wondrous scenery.

Maine is also famously remote. If you're not a fan of the human race, then this state is ideal. Even the largest city, Portland, has more of a suburban town population that an actual city.

It's so remote that there are territories that have names like T2R9. And let's be honest, there are 40 people who actually live north of Bangor. This state screams "Welcome" to introverts and those who enjoy a quasi, "off-the-grid" lifestyle.

Another great feature of Maine is the fantastic culinary reputation. The state is loaded with great restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that use fresh and local ingredients and absolutely shine with service. Towns like Portland, Biddeford, Bar Harbor, and Camden have been featured nationally for culinary prowess. And I can't even tell you how many restaurants have been featured on television shows.

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And how could you talk about Maine and not bring up the state's greatest export: craft beer? Hundreds of breweries have flooded Maine with innovative styles and flavors. It's a wonderful variety of local goodness.

But enough about what I think. Here's a little from Dad Answers All on why they chose Maine as one of the best states to live in.

The fact that Maine has a low crime rate and advocates for inclusiveness entices people to live here. Moreover, the people are inviting, the seafood is excellent, and there’s lots of foliage.

It's amazing how much people love foliage. It's dying leaves, people.

Congrats to our wonderful state making the popular site's list. Maine is a special place. It's always fun to see folks "From Away" come here and absolutely fall in love.

Maybe it just that Mainer sunny disposition. Or maybe it's the lobster.

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