Three people were injured and taken to the hospital Monday afternoon following a four-vehicle crash in Waterville.

Officer and Two Others injured in Collision

Officer Jake Whitley with the Waterville Police Department was one of the people injured. The accident happened on Memorial Drive around 4:01 pm.

Car and Cruiser Crash

Police said Whitley had his lights and sirens on when a 2016 Honda CRV pulled out into the road. The Honda and cruiser collided. The Honda hit a 2010 Ford F-150 at the traffic lights. The Ford then hit a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder SUV at the lights.

Officer with Head Injury and Woman Extricated from Vehicle

Whitley was taken to the hospital with a cut on his head. 47-year-old Jennifer Young from Waterville was driving the Honda. She was extricated from the vehicle with a leg injury and taken to the hospital.

Driver had Neck Injuries

47-year-old Peter Sack III from Waterville was driving the Ford. He had a neck injury and was taken to the hospital. A 14-year-old passenger with him was not taken to the hospital. 45-year-old Kristin Blethen from Waterville was driving the Nissan Pathfinder SUV. She did not go to the hospital, according to the Morning Sentinel.

Vehicles Damaged

Whitley’s cruiser and the Honda were both seriously damaged. The Ford and SUV were operational.

Crash Investigation Ongoing

No charges were filed, said police. The crash remains under investigation.

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