Maine’s coolest dog is already having a great fall!

As you will notice when you look out the window, the leaves are changing color, which means Stella The Dog is ready to tear it up in her backyard.

Stella is an energetic, English yellow lab, that lives with her family in Freeport, Maine. Stella is a legit star, who is so famous, she has her own YouTube channel, with more than 75,000 subscribers, a Facebook page, an Instagram account with 493,000 followers, and of course, she is on TikTok too, where she has over half a million followers!

Stella absolutely loves being outside, especially when there are humongous piles of leaves on the ground. Watching her run like she was shot out of a cannon, then fly through the air into an awe-inspiring mountain of leaves is just endlessly entertaining. Best of all, there are no sound effects or music in the video clips, so you can hear Stella smash through them with the greatest of ease.

The most recent video is really adorable. She loves being in a pile of leaves so much, she literally would not come out!

Her owners also posted a clip of the surprise they made her, and when they opened the front door of the house, the excitement that Stella showed is guaranteed to make you smile,

If you just can't get enough of Stella The Dog, check out all her socials, because there is always new content!

Check out some of her greatest leaf pile jumping hits over the years.

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