After witnessing the Patriots' performance, I'd be in a hurry to leave.

In a different way to "beat the traffic," TikTok user GFed (@gfedgocrazy) continued his series of testing how long he can remain in various sports venues after the game ends. He's visited arenas, bowl stadiums, baseball fields, and, in this video, he took on Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins.

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Miami was the clear favorite for their home game on October 29th against the visiting New England Patriots, and their favoritism was evident.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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New England hasn't had the best season, with both worse and better days in their record.

In this video, GFed shares his previous records for the duration he's managed to stay in NFL stadiums after games. The top three times were: 3) Denver's Empower Field at Mile High at 1:00:59, 2) Dallas' AT&T Stadium at 1:15:03, and 1) Green Bay's Lambeau Field at 2:13:37. This gives us an idea of the times he's aiming to beat.

It took just twelve minutes for the first security guard to ask GFed to leave the bowl area, a relatively quick response compared to his previous experiences.

One unique aspect of GFed's series is that while he's killing time, viewers get an in-depth look at stadium features that often go unnoticed, such as wall art, amenities, and other venue-specific attractions.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Miami's Hard Rock Stadium revealed numerous escape routes and areas to avoid exiting, including lounges, concessions, and even a nightclub within sight of the field. It makes you wonder if all these additional celebratory amenities would have been available had Miami lost to the Patriots.

Regardless, GFed successfully broke the record he aimed for by staying in the stadium for over two and a half hours after the game.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Who knows, maybe he'll venture up to New England to explore Gillette Stadium. Staying there in November or December might be challenging, given Foxborough's chilly weather.

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