Great news for the City of Ellsworth!

Finn’s Irish Pub, located at 156 Main Street, right in the heart of Downtown Ellsworth, which was a fixture for more than 13 years, will be re-opening its doors for business, after nearly a year of being closed.

The pub which is described as a "Colorful hangout with a relaxed vibe offering brews & traditional Irish food with a twist.", closed up shop last July, but back in March, Airline Brewing Company announced that the popular watering hole would be back this summer, and now that day is finally here.

Starting Thursday, June 29th at 11 am, the party is back on in Ellsworth, promising a mix of new and old, familiar faces.

As you can imagine, people are pretty psyched about the news:

Sara Spencer
So thrilled!!! Love to see all the familiar faces and our favorite food and drinks!!

Robert Miller
Welcome back!! Thank you Gary and Sharon!

Jessica Conrad
Such great news!! It will be so nice to have our favorite place open again and see those smiling faces!!

Joyce Hamilton White
This is wonderful news!!

Jon Marshall
Looking forward to the reopening.

Dana Jenkins
That is fantastic news. I love that place. We will be back.

Shelly Davis Van Camp
Thrilled!! Can’t wait!

Dorothy Mattesen Drobney
Great news! Now we have to find our way back up there from CT!

Kristy Overlock
Best news ever!

Carol Beutel Massimin
Great news! Sláinte!

Laureen Nadge Pratt
Love this place!!

Welcome them back with a pint, or lunch, this Thursday at 11 am!

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