What does it mean to be envied as a school?

Well, to me, being considered a "top envied school" means that the school is highly regarded and respected by others in the state. I am sure there are many different factors in order to determine an "envied" school, like how well it does with academics, test scores, extracurriculars, the quality of the facilities, faculty, and so on.

But I am not a scientist or school ranker, so I will leave it to the professionals.

According to Test Prep Insight, Maine has five schools that ranked in the top 200 most envied schools in the United States.

How do they determine this? According to their site, the survey was done in February of 2024, and they asked 3,000 adults about different things online.

They make sure they were from different ages, genders, and places. They also looked at other information about the population, and did that to make sure the survey represents everyone fairly.

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These are the Maine schools ranked by number as 'most envied' in America on the top 200 list, according to Test Prep Insight. 

#61 Yarmouth School Department Maine
#137 Scarborough Public Schools Maine
#192 Cape Elizabeth School Department Maine
#193 Falmouth Public Schools Maine
#246 Brunswick School Department Maine

Overall, being a top envied school in Maine suggests that the institution is held in high regard by its peers and stakeholders, making it a desirable place for students to receive an education.

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