As Mainers, we should feel proud that our state is home to so many fine schools.

In addition to a few world-renowned colleges, we have some very impressive high schools.  Some of the state's high schools are so well-known that families move to Maine for the sole purpose of having their children attend these schools.

While some of those high schools are public schools, most are private or semi-private.

In some cases, like with Fryeburg Academy, the school operates like a free public school for locals, but charges people from outside the area tuition.

Because every parent wants the best for their children, there is a good chance that you have spent at least a few minutes considering sending your teen to a private high school.  If you were even somewhat serious about the idea, you probably started to think about the financial aspect of sending your student to one of these prestigious schools.

How much do these schools cost?  Are you in a position where you would be able to afford them?

We've done some digging that will hopefully help you answer some of these questions.

priscilladupreez / Unsplash / Canva
priscilladupreez / Unsplash / Canva

What is the most expensive high school in Maine?

According to Private School Review, the most expensive school in Maine is Gould Academy.

Located in Bethel, the school costs about $71,000 per year.  Yes, a year at the school costs more than many new SUVs!

The school, which boasts about 250 students, provides attendees with an amazing college preparatory education.  In addition, the school is known for its athletics, especially skiing.  Given the school’s proximity to Sunday River, this just makes sense.

The school also has amazing arts programs, too.

Bradley King / Unsplash
Bradley King / Unsplash

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Other expensive private high schools in Maine

Hebron Academy is a school for students in grades 6-12.  The annual tuition is just under $67,000.

The tuition for Kent’s Hill is $66,675, and Bath’s Hyde School has an annual tuition of $64,000.

The annual tuition for Carrabassett Valley Academy is just under $62,000, and Fryeburg Academy costs $52,000 per year.

Did you have a chance to attend a private school when you were a teen?  Tell us about your experience by messaging us inside our app.

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