So, you bought too much during Prime Day and need to get this stuff out of your house before your significant other notices all of the Amazon boxes stacked up in the corner.

Lucky for you Amazon has a ton of options for where to return all those items that you finally figured out that you don't need. From Kohl's to Staples to actual Amazon stores, there is myriad of locations to drop-off returns.

But it's not that easy. Prime Day or not, Amazon won't take everything back even if it is unopened.

The retail giant has a sizable list of items it will absolutely not accept as returns no matter if it has been used or not. You could be stuck with your purchases if you're not aware of the return policy.

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Obviously, there is A LOT on Amazon's website. It should come as no surprise the list of what you can and cannot return is a bit hidden from shoppers.

Some of those items even have specific conditions that allow for returns, but only when contacting the manufacturer.

We combed through the list and found 15 items you need to know about when it comes to what Amazon refuses to take back.

15 Things You Absolutely Cannot Return When Buying on Amazon

While it's easy buying stuff from Amazon from the comfort of home, getting items that can't be returned can cause some serious headaches. Here are 15 things you absolutely cannot return when they are bought through Amazon.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll


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