Kelly Ripa's Live with Kelly and Ryan partner, Ryan Seacrest, may be leaving the show, and Ripa is now revealing how the situation gave her "PTSD."

In an interview with Variety published on March 28, Ripa explains that replacing her co-host was not an easy thing to do.

"Ryan and Mark were like, 'What are you nervous about? It's going to be fine," she said.

"And I said to them, 'You have to forgive me. I have a little PTSD,'" she continued.

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Over the course of her time as host of Live, Ripa has worked with several partners. The actress previously worked with Regis Philbin after taking over for Kathie Lee Gifford in 2001.

For many years, Ripa and Philbin worked together until he stepped down and was then replaced with Michael Strahan. However, the former football player announced that he accepted a job at ABC's Good Morning America in 2016.

Reports soon surfaced that Ripa wasn't too happy about how the news was first delivered.

Despite the drama that came with his exit, Ripa still went on to give a toast to her former co-host on his final day.

"We want to remind the audience that there is a run on discounted merchandise at the kiosk," she said while holding up a coffee cup with the show's then logo on it.

"For these collector's items!" she continued.

After it was announced that Seacrest would be handing up his hat as co-host of the show, it was announced that Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos would be joining her as his replacement.

Seacrest has been co-host of the show for six years and Decider reports that his last day will be on April 14, 2023.

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