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Finally! A day for those of us who live life to it's weirdest! Everyone can relate to that feeling you get when something totally awkward has just happened, and you wish you had the power of instant invisibility! Many of us have had more than just one moment in our lives. Myself, well, I could write volumes on Awkward Moments. And unfortunately, many of mine have been on either live television or live radio.

I'll share with you a few of my most awkward moments, and then you should definitely weigh in with yours, so we can all share in the personal shame!

The first couple of mine come from my time working at WABI TV5 as a reporter. The first one happened during the first Folk Festival. The station had sent all of us out to do live reports from the Waterfront, as the Folk Festival kicked off it's inaugural year in Bangor. All of the reporters were given specific artists to interview during the evening news. Everyone else got to speak with musicians, but they sent me to talk to "this amazing Asian street artist who molded candy into art" is how they pitched it to me. And let me tell you, he was amazing. When he did show us his skills, they were incredible. But the awkward moment came at the beginning of the interview. I had been given a file with his background, and all the information I would need to talk with this fine gentleman...all the information, that is, except the fact that he didn't speak a lick of English. Not. One. Word. And I found this out on camera, in the middle of the newscast! But I wouldn't let that stop me. So I decided to wing it, and do the majority of the talking. That worked out well until he walked off camera, in the middle of the interview, and then came back dressed as a dragon, and started pretending to bite and lick me. Awkward Moment #2 of the newscast. I was never so happy to have them go to break, as I was that day.

The second most Awkward Moment of my life came at the hands of an elephant, and a photographer named Dave. Oh, and Todd Simcox played a part in it, too. I had just come back from maternity leave, after the birth of my first child. It was decided that I would do the Live Shot from the Bangor Auditorium to help kick off the Anah Temple Shriners Circus. And I was pretty excited to be the one to get to get up on an elephant! Well, the photographer I was working with, Dave, who is a good pal, walked me through how to get up on the elephant. They had told me to wear jeans, as elephants can be kind of smelly. So I threw on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in a while (being that I was pregnant the months before) and up I went.

Fast forward to later that morning, I walk in to the newsroom, past the spot where the weather guys hang out, and I hear Todd Simcox yell out, "Hey Cori, nice cleavage shot!" Mind you, I was quite confused because I was wearing a turtleneck that day, so I was quite sure there was no way I had flashed my chest to anyone. He must have seen the look of confusion on my face, so he clarified, "Not your top cleavage!"

I swung my head around to look at Dave for an answer, and he was running in the other direction. A quick look at the air-check we had run on that break (when they record the live break to check it for issues) and it was revealed that I had revealed my plumbers crack to all of the Eastern Maine viewing audience.

Awkward Moment? Yes, indeed.

And then there was that one time my mom called up the Z Morning Show, when I used to be on in the morning. It was a Valentine's Day show, and I was asking for dating advice, as the dating expert I had booked for that show had stood me up. So my mom called up, and live on the air, told all the listeners that she believed that I should have an arranged marriage because I kept dating these reptiles!

Totally awkward!

How about it? Got any awkward moment stories.

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