Consequence of Sound is reporting that Myspace, the social networking and music discovery site, has admittedly lost 50 million uploaded songs.

The songs lost were uploaded to the platform from 2003 - 2015.

The site started as one of the original social networking sites for young people at the start of the age of the internet.  It also served as a home base for independent musicians who could upload their music to be heard by potentially any one on the internet.

The website became a cultural hub in the early 2000's where young people could share their everyday thoughts and be inspired by local, national and international bands and artists.

The site was launched in 2003 and glitches with the site's player have been reported by many people still using the platform and, according to Consequence of Sound, are reportedly due to a server migration around 2015.  It is believed the lost files can not be retrieved.

I don't know about you but, this millennial has died a little inside.  :(

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