Every weekday on the Z Morning Show, we pose our Impossible Question to the listeners of Eastern and Central Maine. Usually, our questions aren't that impossible. Here are the questions and answers for this week. Congratulations to all of our winners this week.

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Monday, December 3rd

Question: 1/3 of us have admitted that we do it while driving.  What?

Answer: Change or remove our socks.

Tuesday, December 4th

Question: Nearly 1/3 of Americans admit they spend more than $100 a month on this.  What?

Answer: Lottery tickets.

Wednesday, December 5th

Question: 60% of men and almost 70% of women have ended a relationship because of this.  What?

Answer: In a relationship with a poor kisser.

Thursday, December 6th

Question: More than 95% of American homes have this in them right now.  What is it?

Answer: A bottle of ketchup.

Friday, December 7th

Question: In a confidential survey, the average U.S. worker says they spend at least two hours a day doing THIS.  What is it?

Answer: Nothing job related.

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