For the past month or so, a couple of times a week on my way into work, I've noticed a new food truck parked in the lot by the Brewer Auditorium. It's kind of hard to miss it, actually. In huge black letters against a bright yellow background, read the words "RAD FOOD TRUCK."

RAD Food Truck 3, Cori Skall

Rad food!? I like things that are rad...and I like food. So of course I had to pull in and find out what this was all about.

I was met, at the counter, by Jobie Cole, owner of said RAD food truck.

"Hey! How long have you been open?" I asked.

"It's been open a month and a half," Cole replied.

"Why open a food truck? What's your background?" I pressed further.

"I cooked for 9 years at another farm and table restaurant but wanted to do my own thing. So I built this food truck from scratch."

RAD Food Truck 5, Cori Skall

Cole does it all; the setup and prep, the cooking, even the cleanup.

"There are a lot of things that have to go right. It's not just the cooking, but it's making sure the generator is working. Like today I forgot the screw gun that puts the jacks underneath it [the trailer]. All that stuff has to happen for it to work properly."

Cole says he features easy comfort food, like tacos and coming soon, chili bowls--all of which feature locally sourced ingredients and are made from scratch. He was serving "Baco Tell" tacos this afternoon.

RAD Food Truck 1, Cori Skall

"It's kind of like an American-style taco," Cole explained to one customer. "It's a fresh tortilla and I kind of crisp it up and then it gets brisket it in and homemade salsa, some cheese in there."

The menu isn't huge, because he's a one-man band and everything is homemade. But judging by the smiles on the customers I saw come and go in the short time we were talking, he must be doing something right.

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In fact, he was taking notes as one happy customer made suggestions of what else to feature, down the road, as I was standing nearby, checking out his setup.

Based out of Orrington, Cole says he liked keeping in local, so setting up shop in Brewer works out well.

RAD Food Truck 4, Cori Skall

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