Before you checkout for a 3-day weekend, check with The Z Morning Show!

We all got together one last time before we go our separate ways for the holiday, and the shenanigans this morning started out with my story of how I decided to walk from my apartment in Bangor, all the way here to the radio station in Brewer. That's a 4.8 mile total trip kids! Todd told us about his plans to stain his outdoor deck this weekend...for fun. Don't party too hard dude.

As always we had our usual assortment of wacky stories to amuse Todd. Stay till the end of the clip, because we also included Todd's awesome Memorial Day weather forecast. Happy a fun, safe holiday weekend!

"I'll have a McFlurry and a towel please"-A couple of bros named Matt Corry and Connor Yates posted a Tik Tok video of themselves going through a McDonald's drive-thru in a the backup a truck that they converted into a pool. As these two dudes lived the good life and got their McFlurry treats, the driver slammed on the breaks which caused a giant wave to crash over them. It's a lovely pay off.

"Panties, glorious panties"-A huge pervert from Singapore has a jones for stealing women's undergarments. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he broke Singapore's strict coronavirus lockdown so he could sneak around the backyards of people who had unmentionables hanging from clotheslines. Lee Chee Kin has pulled this crap about 30 times since 2018, and when the police raided his home, they found the motherload, over 100 bras!

"Is that a puppy in your pants, or...oh wait it IS a puppy in your pants"-The cops in Eaton County, Michigan responded to a car accident and found the drive of the vehicle trying to hide a puppy in his trousers. Turns out that the German Shepard pup was the same one that was reported stolen. It had a happy ending, the little pup was returned to it's very grateful owners.

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