Judge Simcox put on his robe for antoher edition of "Todd's Law"

We got things started today with a festive, farting version of "Jingle Bells", that Sarah wasn't too impressed with.

So many stories of people behaving badly this morning:

"Porch Pirate Gets Poop"-Laurie Pringle came up with a clever way to fend off potential porch pirates from stealing her packages. She got her revenge by filling am empty Amazon box with poop. It only took 40 minutes to catch the "poopetrator" If this has been a problem for you, you may want to consider fighting back with this idea!

Judge Todd entered the courtroom today to lay down the law, after he was disgusted with the story of a woman who went full-blown Grinch, because her restaurant order took 20 minutes, instead of the 15 she was promised by 60-year old grandma, Doris Campos, who has owned the San Francisco eatery, Panchita's Pupuseria, for 30 years. The woman gave true meaning to the word "Hangry" when she hurled a 5lb.jug of hand sanitizer at Doris and her daughter. Doris took matters into her own hands, when she pushed a table towards the agitated customer. Check out the video of the incident, and be sure to listen to the sentence that "Todd's Law" hands down!

And last, but certianly not least, Las Vegas police had to arrest a man who they found clinging to the wing of a jet on the tarmac of the local airport. The Alaska Airlines flight was ready to takeoff for Portland, Oergon, when this crazy MF was attempting to walk on the wing of the plane. He then chucks his shoes at the cops and keeps climbing, before he takes a nasty fall to the pavement, smacking himself on the noggin for good measure. When you watch the video, you will notice that it looks like he cracked his melon pretty good. Ouch.

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