From the ongoing series, when handed a lemon, make lemonade comes this story. It is not about me, but it might be about you.

If 2020 and the pandemic has really kicked you where it hurts you and your family, my heart goes out to you. My job is changed, but I still have my job. If you lost yours, I can’t imagine how tough it is to find new employment in this crazy world.

Let me tell you about how St Joseph Hospital in Bangor is handling staffing needs, and maybe they have something in your field. A drive through Joy for Jobs event will be held this afternoon at their Broadway location. Very creative. I’ve never heard of a drive through job fair so hats off to them

Over the years I have had a lot of interesting circumstances with regards to getting jobs.

Once I got a job offer for a much bigger and better job than I had currently, and accepted. Hours later their competitors called me and offered me a job. Hmmm. Someone at the station I’d just got hired at, leaked the information to the competition, who wanted to "rub their noses in it."  Nothing changed for me, I took the original station’s offer thinking it was the honorable and right thing to do.

Once, many years ago, I got a new job offer, accepted it, and decided to go and visit my parents for a vacation break between jobs.  When I was visiting, I had a job offer from a totally different part of the country. A better gig then I was going to in a week. So I called the station I was planning to go to, and was told the person who had hired me was no longer with the company, but if I still wanted to come they "guessed" that would be alright. Hmm. No thanks. Thank goodness for that other offer, huh?

If I’ve learned anything, the pandemic keeps throwing curve balls. Hats off to everyone that learns to hit the curve ball.

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