Usually, when one thinks of bath bombs, an image of pastels colors, warm water, and relaxation come to mind.

But imagine this: You draw a nice hot bath, put on some quiet music, light some candles, and sink into the tub. You reach for a fancy bath bomb, unwrap it, and instead of a glittery unicorn horn, or mermaid shell shape that they usually come in, you're looking face to face with Pennywise from Stephen King's "It!"

Startled, you drop it in the water (as any horror movie expert knows, nothing good can come back up from water...just think about the waterbed scene from Nightmare of Elm St. or Jaws, or The Ring...need I say more?)

And as it melts, you just pray that this bath is not your last!

Penny-Horror Movie Themed Bath Bomb, WickedSudzCreations

Just in time for Halloween, there are some new bath bombs that have hit the market,  and from the look of them, they're the furthest thing from "relaxing" that one could get.

But, if you're a Horror fan, they're probably right up your alley!

A quick check of, and there's a bunch of different options to choose from!

The merchant SoftSkinBubblySins on Etsy, for instance, has a bunch of Pennywise bath bombs that dissolve, leaving his creepy face in a foamy mess of red.

Pennywise, SoftsSkinBubblySins

While WickedSudsCreations has not only a Pennywise clown head bath bomb but a bloody S.S. Georgie hat bath bomb, as well.

Bloody SS Georgie Bath Bomb, WickeSudsCreations

And WhatTheFizz916 has the "IT" trifecta of bath bombs; the Pennywise Head, the bloody S.S. Georgie Hat AND the Red Balloon that reads "You'll Float Too!"

It Bath Bomb Trio, Horror Bath Bombs, WhatTheFiz916

So, if you have a friend who isn't easily spooked and you were looking for a Halloween-themed gift to send them from Maine, one of these might be just the thing!

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