We guarantee this photo is the most Maine thing you will see all week. Yup, more Maine than a beautiful sunrise over Casco Bay. More Maine than any lighthouse photo. This photo of a mower deck being held together by two State of Maine license plates is PURE Maine.

Aron Labbe
Aron Labbe

This amazing lawnmower "modification" belongs to our friend Aron, who is a Maine lobsterman. Aron told us that he's had this beauty for about a month. It was rusted out when he got it, so the license plates were the perfect solution! Aron uses it as a beater to keep the brush cut around his home. He said there was "No sense spending money on fancy new metal, so I just used what I had laying around."

Aron, my friend, you are as Maine as it can get. Resourceful. Frugal. With a true Maine sense of style. You won't see anyone in New Jersey make a fix like this! Hail to you, Aron...may your Maine mower deck live forever. We'll send you some duct tape if you need it!

When you think about it, you can use license plates for all sorts of things. They are strong, thin, and flexible. You can use them to hold mower decks together or to make some cool art. They really are magical things! Check out this video of 35 things to make with license plates.

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