Husson University shared the welcoming of a few new on-campus residents on their Facebook this week.

It looks like the Bangor school has some veteran ducks that tend to come by this time of year to nest and grow their family.  Four new chicks have hatched and the university has already recruited them for the fall semester!

Husson University's Facebook post reads:

Mr. and Mrs. Duck are proud to announce the birth of their four itsy-bitsy, fuzzy-wuzzy little ducklings. Congrats to the new additions and welcome to the Husson family! Rumor has it that their lineage goes back to the renowned Bangor Maine Police Department Duck of Justice and they plan to enroll in our criminal justice program this fall.


Someone asked if the duck was still nesting in front of the dining hall to which Husson University responded:

We also wanted to check on the comparisons of the Husson duck with the Duck of Justice.  I'm not sure I see the resemblance mentioned in post about the Husson duck's lineage but, you never know!

Husson Duck: Husson University via Facebook; Duck of Justice Duck: Bangor Maine Police Department via Facebook