It's typical for us here in the Bangor area to see a post about a Downtown Bangor parking ban before a big storm, which is what we saw on the Bangor PD's Facebook page come Monday evening.

The Bangor PD always has humorous, entertaining way of giving us the not-so-funny information and doing so with their Facebook posts.

People from across the nation and world like their Facebook page because, of their clever writing and interesting stories.  They appeal to many kinds of people in a way that is thoughtful and down-to-earth.  And, add in a few pop culture references and you have a perfect appeal to social media followers.

Maybe that's why one particular exchange in the comments of Monday's parking ban post, is 'classic Bangor PD'.

A lady from New Jersey made a comment to Monday's post addressing the amount of snow she got further down on the East Coast on Monday.  She stated that it must be a mistake that New Jersey got several inches of snow and that maybe it should have landed in Maine.

We definitely get our share of snow up here in Maine. In fact, we take it like champs. But, Bangor PD drew the line with this commenter, rightfully so and with a little pop culture jab.

Screenshot from Facebook
Screenshot from Facebook

Eileen Reilly Horch commented  "Excuse me, Bangor PD.  We have 26 inches of snow here in central NJ.  I'm thinking that this snow really belongs in Maine.  Could you please come retrieve it?  It must have run away from home.  We don't want it here, nor its 4-6 inches of friend-flakes due to come overnight.  Thanks."

The Bangor PD's response, quick-witted and with a whole lotta truth was 'Eileen Reillly-Horch This one is for too many years of "Jersey Shore".  Let this be a lesson.'

Hey, we may have a sense of humor but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is.  Let's hope Jersey has learned it's lesson.  If not, we know who to turn to to teach them another lesson.



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