Looking to save some cash next time you hit The Loaf? Here is the cheapest way to do it!!

Follow the escapades of Bangor-born filmmaker Chas Bruns as he travels the world in search of the cheapest tours, food, hotels, hostels and transportation. If you're living on a budget, Chas can show you how to travel for pennies on the dollar. Chas will show you where to go sky diving, waterfall hiking, shark diving, skiing and more!

In this video, he chronicles his voyage to Sugarloaf USA, with all sorts of cool ways to have a good time, without breaking your bank account!

A few years back, Chas hits Bar Harbor, Bangor, Dedham, Trenton, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Somesville, Tremont, Mt Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

You get plenty of tips on how to make any trip a ton of fun!

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