The pandemic has led a lot of us to put off many things: going on a vacation, scheduling a dental appointment, buying a home, etc. Part of it is due to restrictions put in place, part of it is due to changed schedules, part of it is uncertainty in what the future holds and part of it is due to limiting your presence around potential COVID-19 interactions.

All of it is understandable even if the 'COVID boundaries' are different for different people.

But, the number one thing that we probably put off most are things to do with appearance. I've been working remotely for a year and putting on proper pants isn't something I really think about anymore. Or makeup either, for that matter.

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One thing I've been talking about for a long time is getting a hair cut. Maybe it's the millennial in me but, a haircut is something that can be put off, in general. Money spent on a haircut is money that could be spent on a few extra snacks in the pantry or a night getting take-out instead of cooking dinner. Honestly, not a top priority for me.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

But, at this time last year, I was already in need of a hair cut. My hair was the longest it had ever been in my adult life. It looked frayed and I'm not afraid to take some scissors to it but, yeah, this girl needs a little professional touch on these locks. So, when restrictions started and cutting off the outside world became the norm, I kind of longed to get a much-needed hair cut.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

I took it in stride, as we all have, being limited on traveling around, being strapped with a mask over our faces anytime we are in public and rescheduling or canceling appointments or activities that were not absolutely needed.

So my hair's growing and putting it in a messy bun is how I get around this untamed mane but, I continued to long for my much needed cut. As the various numbers and statistics became higher and tensions grew stronger, the need for a hair cut became less and less of a priority and more and more of a longed-for dream.

Here we are a year into the limitations of a global pandemic. We are now being offered vaccinations to try to reassemble a society where we can return to work, where the kids can return to school and maybe, just maybe, I can finally get my hair cut.

So, after months of patience of a jacked-up routine, becoming a home brewed tech troubleshooter and having the most intense amount of 'momming' I think I've ever had the pleasure to endure, I got my vaccine shots and now it was time for this momma to get that badly needed hair cut.

But, it's not just a hair cut. It is a touch of escapism into a world where I am fully vaccinated and have the privilege to spend a little money on what has now become a priority. Not a priority because I need to look pretty (and because I obviously, seriously need a hair cut). It's a priority because throughout this time of putting off ourselves because of external reasons and maintaining that fine line of keeping the course and about to go insane, this time of constant change and a constant feed of information - a hair cut is something I have control of and something that I can prioritize now and feel a little of the old world again.

So, I finally did it.

Elodie Hale

I got to see a friendly face, Elodie my hairdresser, to talk with her about upcoming vacations, to experience the luxury of what was once a chore and feel the sense of normalcy kind of fall back into place, even if we were wearing masks.

Elodie Hail

Now, I've got my hair cut and had some time to escape for an hour into a normal thing. Before the pandemic, this hair cut was not a priority but today it was something that I think we all need- a symbolic 'let go' of the past, a small way to take care of ourselves, a little time to talk with someone you haven't seen in a while and an appreciation to live the little things we've missed after a long wait for relief.

We may not be at a place of relief quite yet but, a little taste might be just what we need to hold down just a little bit longer.

Thank you for the cut, Elodie. Much appreciated and truly needed!

Elodie Hail

Hang in there, kids, we're almost there.

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