Have you ever been up to Woodstock?

I'm not talking about the farm town in New York where all the hippies gathered in the '60s to cause that big ruckus, but the small Maine town in Oxford County with seemingly the most cursed intersection in all of Maine. You may think you know someplace worse, but after an accident there this weekend, it honestly may take the cake.

I saw a post from WGME over the weekend, talking about how a tractor-trailer truck crashed into an apartment building. Luckily, despite people being home, no one was hurt. Although there was some decent damage to the building. But the real takeaway for me was how many accidents that particular stretch of road has had.

You'll need both hands, feet, and borrow another hand to count them all.

Yup, according to Woodstock Fire Chief Kyle Hopps, there have been at least 27 accidents in this location. There's a 90-degree kink in the road, and often, especially in winter, cars lose control at this spot. In fact, the driver of the truck from over the weekend was from California and admitted to not having winter road experience.

Car accidents, trucks, poles being broken, this same apartment building being hit more than once.... you name it. 27 accidents. It's truly odd if not kind of amazing. And let's face it, downright scary for the folks who live there. One wonders why something hasn't been done about it yet?

That may change this year though. The town seems to have been begging for guardrails at this spot, and it may finally happen. Work is scheduled to be done on this road, so town officials are hoping some safety measures for this spot will come along with it. But mostly, we're thankful no one was hurt in this accident over the weekend.

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